Hello Russia ( The Beast from The East)

Hello Russia I see the Siberian Tourist board has sent us an example of their wonderful winter weather to sample. A bit like Dante’s Inferno in reverse… So if you find your testicles have retracted  deep into your groin and your pecker has shrunk to the size of a small chipolata try not to worry…It’s Uncle Joe’s way of saying hello……I am sure your sexual appendages will return to normal as soon as the glorious British summer hits. How the Russians reproduce seems a bit of a mystery to me. I assume a frenzied mating season occurs in the torrid summer recess


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Happy New Year-

Feb 2018 ‘Happy New Year! Here in the UK we always like to end the Xmas festivities with a ‘Killer Flu Epidemic’ & NHS crisis. This year we’ve been partying harder than usual. The bloody Aussies not content with wining the Ashes sent over some horrendous flu bug…’That will teach you Poms for shipping us over to this God Forsaken place’ where even the animals aren’t normal. On the subject of the NHS……….. Put the frigging money in !……. Did we really need a Battle Star Galactica style aircraft carrier that leaks like a sieve and would be better suited as a Submarine? Do we need a nuclear weapon capability…? ; Whose most notable claim to fame so far seems to have been a missile launch on Disney World. An admirable target I am sure, the White House would have been better but that’s just me…………

Summer is coming so lets all cheer up……..! Leather on Willow, days on the beach Andy Murray again………and Donald Trump may visit and sprinkle us all with dollar bills and hope for a happy care free DT world. Even the Koreans have become pals….until Rocket Man finally cracks the old nuclear weapon thing that is……..light the blue touch paper and retire to a safe distance i.e. the moon…..talking of which… to be continued

Happy Days.