And Then There Were None

Pic above a Dodo- (Not a turkey! If this looks like your new pet Budgie I suggest you contact the Darwin Institute ASAP )

Since the dawn of Man (& Woman) hundreds if not thousands of species have become extinct! Unlike the mass extinction events of geological history, the current extinction challenge is one for which a single species – ours – appears to be almost wholly responsible.┬á I suspect ultimately we will make ourselves extinct but that is another story.

In the UK we have seemingly endless TV programs about Wildlife. David Attenborough God Bless him has become the ‘Go To’ authority on all things natural! I should imagine to meet the huge demand for this a whole new specialised industry has evolved; from new types of miniature night vision cameras to mobile canteens adapted for rugged Jungle or Polar conditions to feed the huge film crews.

It begs the question how many of these species hanging on for dear life as it is have been pushed further along the road to extinction by these film teams and associated equipment obliterating their previously pristine habitat, and generally causing ecological mayhem and upset all round.

You are just settled down in the nest for the night with Mrs Rare Species, in the mood for love hoping to reproduce some little rare babies when a God Damned miniature night vision camera comes into the nest pokes you up the backside which brings on a bout of anxiety triggered Erectile Dysfunction and that is that! A few more steps towards the Reference Books & Natural History museum.

 The Galápagos Islands 

The Galápagos Islands are noted as a home to a large number of endemic species. The stark rocky islands (many with few plants) made it necessary for many species need to adapt to survive here and by doing so evolving into new endemic species. It was after visiting the Galápagos and studying the endemic wildlife that inhabit the islands that a young Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution. Yeah I know eco speak blurb yawn

The islands now also seem to be a popular tourist destination.  There  now lots of nice hotels to stay in and the keen nature lovers will be able to descend on mass to look at, poke at, and generally upset the hapless previously virtually undisturbed rare creatures. Have no doubt within a few years the surrounding seas will be awash with plastic bags empty Champagne bottles, used condoms and all the other paraphernalia  & crap we insist is essential to our existence. NEW on the hotel menu Iguana eggs for breakfast- Penguin Ala orange perhaps?

The list of tours available to exotic destinations of ecological interest is growing. Are people really that interested in our wonderful planet? (Best observed sooner than later I would say) or is it the status and kudos of sticking one of these destinations on the must do, ‘look at us swimming with’ whatever list….

Personally I settle for a fortnight in Benidorm staggering about pissed oblivious to my own existence let alone the local wildlife, which in rare moments of sobriety┬á seems to mainly consist of my fellow tourists………