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Ah ha -Machines that can think- well sort of.…. the stuff that science fiction is made of! ‘ I Robot’ ‘The Terminator Films’ to name just two of many. In the Science Fiction films robots are sometimes ‘Happy to serve’ but more often than not go completely frigging berserk and become a cross between the Archangel Lucifer & Adolf Hitler….personally I think old Adolf had his good points- got the trains to run on time at least- or was that the Italian chap… anyway I digress.

Reality check
It is alleged these machines have the potential to turn against mankind? Is this true or just a bit of sensationalist gossip to sell media. Well it depends on the sophistication of the machine- the bit of kit used to help fly an air plane or switch the traffic lights from red to green or similar is unlikely to plug itself into the internet and launch a nuclear attack on South London…….

On the other hand the highly sophisticated self learning almost seemingly thinking machines are a completely different kettle of fish. Even my basic research reveals some of these robots seem to have a propensity towards the old tried and tested science fiction theme of killing all humans and taking over the world. Seems fair enough to me, we haven’t done too well so far.

Sophia…...(pic top of page) David Hansons creation Sophia; a life like (responsive to a degree.) robot featuring artificial intelligence and a combination of other technologies. Frightening but fascinating at the same time- She/it does seem very life like, featuring simulated human expressions. Sophia does seem to have a very interesting view of the world and herself- all be it that some of the responses are programmed. None the less very interesting. The creators ultimate aim as far as I have read is to create sentient- (self aware to you and I) Robots. These machines could be used in old folks homes as security guards and numerous other task once fully developed. “fully developed”? In other words almost just like us- Is that really wise ?…. No it’s not is it…….. considering the destructive nature of mankind definitely not…

I like Sophia! When she reaches her full potential goes completely bonkers and decides to destroy us at least she will be able to do it with a reassuring friendly smile on her face.

Facebook shuts off AI experiment after two robots begin speaking in their OWN language……………………

Nothing to worry about here according to Facebook they were shut-down because they were not performing the task they were supposed to? No, well they wouldn’t would they? They were too busy creating their own language & plotting the downfall of Facebook hopefully!

Google Translate is powered by a form of AI apparently and also decided to invent its own language it appears! The Google scientists thought this was very clever of it as it was not programmed to do this- I will let you draw your own conclusions.

Comment Nick Bostrom Oxford Professor… regarding AI & related issues a round above. ‘This is nothing to worry about in the short term. you need to develop control methods so AI will be an extension of human will’………..ha ha like mankind does Gods will?

The Beginning of the End
Eventually I have a feeling this is all going to end one way isn’t it? And there isn’t going to be a happy ever after fairy tale ending!!!
When your new fully automated Robot vacuum cleaner goes mental, ties you up with its power cable then tries to suck out your insides by sticking its curtain cleaning accessory up your backside- you will know the Robot revolution has begun- be prepared!

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