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Vladimir Putin recently announced with glee that his new super brand of nuclear missiles could penetrate the American defense system. ‘Whoppe’ Vladimir! In case you hadn’t noticed the Cold War is over. An election was afoot that he was going to win anyway but he needed a bit of the old Cold War rhetoric to keep everyone in the old Mother country happy. Do the poor bastards living in some remote Siberian village who now resemble a pack of frozen fish fingers after the awful winter months, eaten their last Yak and been fattening granny all summer as a last resort really give a toss what he’s doing?

Meanwhile back at the ranch the USA has its own problems………Trumps view that it’s mentally ill people not the ridiculous US gun laws that is causing all the school massacres doesn’t seem to be going down too well……….

Died in the USA
Sanity by the looks of it…..Wayne La Pierre’s plan to possibly arm school teachers seems reasonable to him and his other gun mad cohorts at the NRA. To the normal rational decent human being it seems like utter madness. The now seemingly endless list of poor souls who have lost their loved ones don’t seem impressed either.

So “Hi kids sorry about the body armour – try not to worry. Oh I may have to keep taking breaks to check on my M-16…. not too sure at the moment about the old safety catch just yet. I think it’s on…. lessons will end a bit early today as I am on the assault course later….. They told me the hand grenades are safe unless……..Unless? Better check on that as well I guess…..”

Rather than go through the whole thing over and over I will get to the point. The Second Amendment should be ‘Amended’. If you read some of the guff regarding this amendment the whole thing originally seemed to refer to citizens being allowed to bare arms in defense of the state….Not to be God Damned armed to the teeth willy nilly for all perpetuity. A lot of the arguments for guns is based on people wanting to hunt……….Hunt frigging what exactly? As far as I am aware New York and other similar conurbations are not known for their wildlife……An infestation of squirrels or pigeons in the back yard does not require battle field weapons? Well I suppose if they were giant mutations that had escaped from Area 51……… another story in itself?

Other than to mention that Wayne La Pierre was reportedly on a salary of $ 5,051,249 I will say no more……………

The last resort ‘Evacuate Planet Earth’ ‘Sounds good to me’

“Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (RIP) set a deadline for humanity to save itself. Within the next 100 years, he warned, we need to colonize Mars and other planets. If we don’t, we may not survive climate change, disease, and other versions of doom we’re bound to inflict on ourselves this century. “
“We have given our planet the disastrous gift of climate change … When we have reached similar crises there has usually been somewhere else to colonize … But there is no new world, no utopia around the corner,” he said. “We are running out of space, and the only places to go to are other worlds.”

In other words once planet Earth has finally gone to pot it will be time to move on- and once we have destroyed our new home world! Move on again and again and again………….

Which brings me to the Moon -The Moon is moving away from Earth  all be it very slowly at the moment ..

It’s easy to take the Moon for granted, even on a clear night when it can light up the sky. It really feels as if it has always been there just as it is now, throughout history. But that’s not strictly true.
It is thought that the Moon was formed when a proto-planet about the size of Mars collided with the early Earth around 4.5bn years ago. The debris left over from impact coalesced to form the Moon. Computer simulations of such an impact are consistent with the Earth Moon system we see in the 21st Century.
The simulations also imply that at the time of its formation, the Moon sat much closer to the Earth – a mere 22,500km (14,000 miles) away, compared with the quarter of a million miles (402,336 km) between the Earth and the Moon today.

It’s probably had enough and is trying to escape Moon Base Alpha style while the going is good. I suspect in a Gaia like manner super intelligent bacteria are living below the surface. After the first moon landing they observed the crazy ape like creatures jumping up and down planting flags, and generally making complete idiots of themselves, and finally have now had enough. I fully expect the process of moving to dramatically speed up in the near future.

The Gaia hypothesis known as the Gaia theory or the Gaia principle, proposes that living organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a synergistic and self-regulating, complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the conditions for life on the planet. In the case of the moon these interactions are being driven by the intelligent bacteria interacting with the moons gravity thus creating kinetic energy resulting in movement. Once these little buggers get a bit of practice that will be it…. Adios

Does it matter if the moon leaves us? Not really. Apart from the fact we will have no tides and the weather will change from midsummer to mid winter hourly nothing to worry about………Sort of the same as weather in the UK now…………. so no worries for us.

Moon Base Alpha- Classic sci-fi where a moon colony get trapped on the moon after it breaks free from orbit they end up on a never ending journey through space- (well a few series)

Anyone wishing to sue me please feel free. My Lawyers Trump Putin & Christian Anderson handle all my legal affairs. Please address to ‘Fake News’ Trumptin Tower ,East Cheam , London UK

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