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” Kim Jong Un comes in from the cold?”


It appears Kim Jong Un North Koreas crazy despot leader is making conciliatory noises regarding establishing better relations with the rest of the world. He has even intimated he may consider dismantling his nuclear weapon programme I understand?

If you believe Kim is about to give up his nuclear weapons- then I presume you also believe Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy are real? Sorry they really are not; It came as a shock to me I must say. God knows how much it’s cost me sending all those letters to Lapland and the bastard never has replied….

Data Sharing/Identity Theft

So sorry to hear of Facebooks problems with ‘Data Sharing’👎 Identity theft and illegal data sharing have become a real issue of the modern internet age. To avoid some of these issues I always use a false ID for all my internet transactions-which of course I bought online…I paid with my new credit card (also bought online) It’s registered to Attila T Hun but seemed to work a treat to my delight. Much cheaper than a real one-

My passport chap has also been very helpful he is currently doing a great deal on his ‘Bolivian Range’…. mind you I was thinking being a Bolivian Army Colonel could look a bit dodgy me living in the UK and all……..and as for the big moustache? A bit itchy at first but fine once you get used to it-😎

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