To Boldly Go




‘To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before’

 Warning this blog contains technical stuff- if you are looking for farting jokes or similar please go to Reddit…....

 I love Star Trek always been a big fan- they show the original series on the ‘Horror’ Channel in the UK ‘ Fascinating’ They seem to be able to fly the Enterprise with what looks like a few switches and light bulbs from the local hardware store… Wonderful stuff- some good stories though.

Warp Drive

Distances in space are so vast that astronomers usually measure them in light-years, the distance light can travel in a year’s time. A single light-year equals about six trillion miles. So an essential part of kit is the beloved Warp Drive.

 In the “Star Trek” universe, warp speed is accomplished through the use of a warp drive. The warp drive is powered by matter-antimatter reactions, which are regulated by a substance called dilithium. This reaction creates highly-energetic plasma known as electro-plasma, a type of matter with its own magnetic field, which reacts with the starship’s warp coils. The warp coils are typically enclosed in what the “Star Trek” writers call a warp nacelle. The whole package creates a “warp field” or “bubble” around the Enterprise, allowing the ship and its crew to remain safe while space manipulates around them. Interesting stuff a?

However Einstein’s theory of relativity states nothing can move faster than the speed of light? Also at the speed of light you would age much less, if so at  Warp Factor    9.6  1,909 times light speed who knows, you might leave age 43 and come back as a new born baby!

The Aliens

 I love the Aliens in Star Trek Thousands of light years from Mother Earth you would think communication would be difficult- there is a device called a Universal Translator but fortunately all the Aliens can speak English! Normally with an American accent which is handy…..that plus the fact they are mostly humanoid i.e. like us, more or less. Of course they might look a bit like a lizard- or otherwise unpleasant to the eye! It also goes without saying they might have two hearts, green blood, three livers, telepathic powers or whatever.

There is no reason extraterrestrial beings should not be as small as an Ant or 100 meters tall is there? Other than the films would look bloody ridiculous-

More Space News

Space X

SpaceX has launched 120 of a planned 12,000 small broadband satellites into low Earth orbit. The company is placing its first 1,584 satellites in a 550-kilometer orbit, with later satellites planned for higher and lower altitudes.

ACME CEO Mark Gutterpuke comments: “ This is an ambitious project, which may have the added bonus of helping with the Global Warming problem. Such a large number of Satellites may well block out sunlight from reaching the planets surface. Thus reducing overall temperatures. However there may be a point in the future when the same creates a new Ice Age! Additionally future space missions will be hampered by having to navigate their way through into deep space.